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The Cymatic Orchestra    I     Xenoturbella bocki (the same as you)

The Cymatics Orchestra, 2020, Sound and Sculpture installation, 10 min loop, soap sculptures with coffee grounds, cables, two-channel sound system and incorporated speakers
Xenoturbella bocki (the same as you), 2021, prints on tracing paper and frosted glasses 50 x 70 cm

In 2020 the Danish artist Olga Benedicte took part in the exhibition The Ignorant Schoolmaster, a series of five solo presentations, which was based on the book The Ignorant Schoolmaster – Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation written by the French philosopher Jacques Rancière in1987. In the exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus


Olga Benedicte presented the large scale sculptural- and sound installation The Cymatics Orchestra, and now Olga Benedicte is showing a new and smaller iteration for her exhibition at Little KA at Art Sonje Center. The soap sculptures of The Cymatics Orchestra have incorporated speakers that play vibrations alternates between an authentic nerve of masculine and feminine sound waves generated by
human bodies. The term 'cymatics' comes from the ancient Greek kyma which means 'wave.' It is the scientific study of the relation between sound, bodiliness and visuality. The work deals with the influence of sound waves on physical material, for instance the way in which a speaker vibrates, or sound creates patterns in fluids. Simultaneously, 'cymatics' is a term that describes therapy methods that utilize sound to affect the body. Here, sounds refer to vibrations that can take root in one's body. The work investigates the sensory aspects of non-verbal communications understood through bodily presence such as breathing, vocal range and everything that takes place in the body beyond the formulated speech.


In Xenoturbella bocki (the same as you), the title of the work Xenoturbella bocki comes from the name of a worm that resembles a 600 million year old human stem cell. The work consists of a series of studies focused on marine species, which carry the same stem cells as our bodies and Olga Benedicte's soap sculptures from the work The Cymatics Orchestra. In Xenoturbella bocki (the same as you), Benedicte explores our basic biological forms in order to remind us that all living beings are made of the same substance.


Along with this, Olga Benedicte will show a series of smaller handmade soap sculptures. They will be on display on the first floor and also be available for use in the public bathrooms on the first and third floors in Art Sonje Center.




Thanks to the curators and museum inspectors at Sonje Art Center
Hyo Gyoung Jeon, Eunchae, Haeju Kim and to Kunsthal Aarhus especially Jacob Fabricius

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