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Olga Benedicte’s artistic practice examines the body as the foundation of our consciousness and presence. Her works operate in the affective spectrum, where sensuality, nonverbal communication, and various forms of presence and consciousness are expressed through her works.


Olga Benedicte often uses a research framework that studies the hermaphroditic life of slipper-snails, the sexual dimorphism of octopuses, or the special life-cycle of mussels. She often combine this research with how the body is affected by technological development, as in her long-term study of ASMR, a social-digital youtube phenomenon, where whispering voices and sounds of different types of touch supposedly gives a sensual and pleasant tingle spreading through the scalp. ASMR is perhaps the Internet's first contribution to the discovery of new bodily feelings and sensations.


Overall, Olga Benedicte's practice is a study of how art can open up new sensory dimensions, by creating works that cultivate the connections between our body and other mechanisms, organisms, and systems. Our knowledge of the world does not arise from standing outside the world and observing it. Instead, we are an integral part of this world.


Written by curator Iben Elmstrøm

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