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The Cymatic Orchestra

Sound installation, Kunsthal Aarhus, 2020

Duration 12 min loop

Soap sculptures with coffee grounds, cables, 12-channel sound system and incorporated speakers.

The work is a sculptural orchestra of vibrations generated by human bodies. It consists of 12 soap sculptures with incorporated speakers and visible cables. The cables form a network that connects the sculptures to a central mother figure in the installation.The composition of vibrations alternates between polyphony and monotony and between an authentic nerve of masculine and feminine sound waves. 

The work is called ‘The Cymatic Orchestra’. The term Cymatics comes from the ancient Greek kyma which means 'wave'. Cymatic is also a science that studies the relationship between sound, bodiless and visuality. It concerns the influence of sound waves on physical material. At the same time, cymatics is a term that describes therapies that use sound as a health-promoting effect on the body.

Sounds are vibrations that can take root in your body. It is communication that is understood through bodily presence. I investigate the sensory aspects of nonverbal communication - breathing, vocal range and everything that takes place in the body beyond the formulated speech.

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