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The two of us

Sculpture with a sound piece of 9.11 minutes duration

Location, Solgaven a home for visually impaired and blind people in Denmark

Concrete, silicone, quinoa, epoxy

As a part of the project The Aesthetic Ear curated by Iben Elmstrøm. I did the work The two of us in 2021. In this work I explore a form of expansion of the affective field around listening, touch, hearing and experience. The piece can be placed in the lap of the audience, from where you can feel with your hands the surface of the sculpture, which consists of various entrances to different holes. The work examines relationships between our body and a number of cultural formulations around the concept of ‘black holes’ such as cosmic holes in the universe, blindness, eye pupils black hole and other ‘black holes’ as a phenomena in our nature.


Part of the preparation for this work consists of conversations with a visually impaired resident of the social institution Solgaven, who uses sounds, vibrations, and voices in her everyday life.

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