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The Forgotten Memories, 2017

Video and sound installation, 10 min.

Sound, canvas with mirrors, triptych projections of photographs from the archive in Roskilde, Denmark.  



The video installation consists of a personal story told by my Granddad. He speaks about his memories from the first ten years of his life. Ten years which we do not know much about apart from his own memories. He does not have any photographs, or documents from that time except from his birth certificate. With help from the Danish archive in Roskilde I have accessed photographs which is leading me closer to some answers. Additionally, the work questions the impact of digitalizing archive material and what affect that has on our collective understanding of history, and furthermore our memories.


Documentation video of the video- and sound installation 'The Forgotten Memories' from the exhibition FRAGMENTER at Se! Exhibition and project room, Aarhus 2017.


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